Thursday, February 22, 2018

Something A Little Different

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've updated you guys on my normal celeb stories and my celeb tg stories on here. Getting straight to the point, I have not done a lot of writing in regards to entire stories. This is not all bad news though as I have tried something new on and it is doing pretty well over there. It's a choose your own adventure story called "Celeb Possession" where after each chapter you can choose which choice to make in the story and go from there (assuming there's another chapter ahead. So I'm deciding to give you guys the link to that story here as this is where all of my writing has gone lately. Hope you guys enjoy that while the full length stories are on break. Also join up at CHYOA and add to the story if you want. I'll gladly added as long as it's well done and we can build a story together. Hope this makes up for lack of full length stories and hope you enjoy.

Celeb Possession




  1. Awesome, thank you. *accepts celeb possession guilt gift* ~cal

    1. No problem. Don't have a lot of time in my life right now to write a full story but I hope more like you understand I'm doing my absolute best to get you content.