Saturday, September 17, 2016

500th Post! Updates, Choices, and More!

This is officially my 500th post on blogger! Yay! Now that celebrating is out of the way, I'm going to use this to update you guys real quick and give you a choice about something very important. Let's start with the update, I just started up school again which is never fun but I'm going to try and release captions in a more scheduled manner since i'm on a certain schedule now. Now for the choice. A lot of you guys responded very well to my Body Hopper story and many of you wanted it to be a series. This is great but also puts me in a predicament with Waking Up. I feel like I should really focus on one TG celeb themed series. Neither will be good if I half ass them and I don't want to half ass them. So I'll be running a poll on which series should be continued. You can use the actual poll I'll set up or you can leave your thoughts on which one you want or an idea for either story down below. I never thought went I started in 2012 (yeah that long ago) that i'd be keeping up with this blog 4 years later so thank you all for the support.